handmade ❤️ est. 2008

ABOUT ME, ALINA "GOIA" VELAI grew up watching my granny(mama Ica) and my mom, making clothes...sewing, crocheting knitting, embroidering and working at the loom. I’ve always been in love with sewing.I make clothes and create patterns since I was 7 years old.
I remember I was almost six years old when I finally convinced my granny to let me sew with her mechanical sewing machine, Ileana.Since then It became my fairyland, where I escape every time that life gets tough to create new designs.
This is not a hobby for me... nor my work, this is my life style. I don't know how to live without it.

December 1, 2008 - April 2011 : I was also making sterling silver jewelry with semiprecious stones. I used to sell them in person in various countries in Europe; Romania, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Norway and England.

May 2011 : After I moved to the United States, I opened my online shop "Goia Boutique" on Etsy.Goia , it's my grandparents last name, they made the family that we are today.

Christmas 2013 : Was the last time when I saw my granny and I will never forget the happiness in her eyes telling me that I made her and the whole family very proud. She asked me to never give up no matter how hard life may get, it almost seemed like she knew that she was not going to be here much longer to support me morally. And as I promised to my granny :I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!

I thank my family for all the help and the support that they keep giving me.
Thank you everyone who ordered from my shop and helped me live my dream.
I thank my granny(mama Ica) and grandpa(Momo) for being my role models and my guardian angels.

I make each product in my home based studio in Naperville,IL.I always been a perfectionist. I love to use high quality fabrics and threads and high end sewing machines and softwares.My hubby helps me with the packaging and mailing the orders. He also helps me with the customer service and the marketing.
All important decisions are taken together with my hubby, my mom, my dad, my sisters, my brother in law and my mother in law.

My machines helpers:) are:
2 Babylock Enterprise BNTL10 - 10 needles professional embroidery machines
2 Babylock Jane - professional sewing machines
1 Babylock Evolution - profesional serger machine 

May 2011 
The Goia Boutique Etsy shop was opened and we were selling upcycled accessories, upcycled clothing and vintage items.

June 2011 
When we moved in the new house which is energy efficient and is full of natural light, I had problems with my sleep hours and my migraines got worst; and so I knew that I needed a sleep mask.After many hours of research and a many nonfunctional sleep masks that I purchased, I knew that I only had one option left: To make it myself!
So, I created the pattern and started making a few sleep masks for myself.After using my sleep mask for a few weeks, I came to realized that perhaps there are people out there like me who need a functional good quality sleep mask at a affordable price and I had an idea running thru my head. I asked my family for an opinion, and they all said "try it". A few days later, a few handmade sleep masks were already listed on my Etsy shop.

July 2011 The first Goia up cycled sleep masks were added to the shop. They were handmade from upcycled cotton t-shirts and upcycled silk neckties. 

August 2011 
We were selling hand knitted baby booties and wool socks made by mama Ica; hand knitted and hand crocheted hats by my mom; hand knitted and hand crocheted headbands made by me.

February 2012 
The Holly Golightly inspired sleep masks and the personalized sleep masks were added to the shop.

April 2012
We started selling bow tie hardware supplies.

May 2012
The cat sleep masks were added to the shop.

October 2012 
The Rosie the riveter headband and the top knotted headbands were added to the shop.

March 2013 
The baby bibs were added to the shop.

April 2013
The mustache sleep mask and the red lips sleep masks were added to the shop. Name brand tags were used for the fist time only on a special order.

July 2015
The coffee cup holders were added to the shop.

September 2016
The GOIA brand name logo was created.

April 2017
We started using the name brand tag with the new logo GOIA with our products.

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